About Us


Beg Commercial Consulting (BCC) offers specialised business compliancy services which includes BBBEE, Employment Equity (EE) and Skills Development.

Having been actively involved in BEE since 2006, throughout all the changes and updates, our clients benefit from our experience.

With EE and Skills Development playing an integral role in your BBBEE rating, we also offer these services to our clients. This allows you to implement strategies using a holistic approach thereby ensuring that investments in one aspect also benefits the company in another aspect. In other words – when implementing your EE and Skills Development strategies we ensure that it will also benefit the company from a BBBEE point of view.

Our quick turnaround times and expert advice ensures customer satisfaction every time.

Our BEE credentials

  • 100% Black owned
  • 70% Black female owned
  • Level One (135% procurement recognition)
  • Empowering Supplier